K9s for Warriors


A serious noise problem at a kennel housing around 30 rescue and shelter dogs has been quietened by Acoustiblok’s Quiet-Cloud Industrial Sound Absorption panels.

Constant barking by the dogs, destined to become companions to war veterans affected by Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury, can typically reach an incredible 115 decibels.

Staff working at the K9s for Warriors kennels in Ponte Vedra, Florida, where the dogs are trained, were unable to stay in the kennel area for longer than 15 minutes without wearing hearing protection.

The kennels built of tile and concrete, greatly amplified the barking. The resultant echoing and reverberation of the noise created tensions and stress not only to the humans but also to the dogs.

After careful analysis, Acoustiblok solved the noise problem with Quiet-Cloud panels, originally designed for absorbing high-frequency industrial noise and the perfect solution to the kennels as they are washable, fireproof, hydrophobic and do not retain odours.

The panels are unique in that they absorb sound globally from each direction. Each light weight panel was suspended from the ceiling hanging from one edge like a banner. The panels were spaced end to end 50mm apart to allow the perforated ends to also absorb sound. The kennels maintenance team were able to install the eighteen panels in only two days and found the process incredibly simple.



Kennels at Ponte Vedra

Acoustiblok Quiet-Cloud

Acoustiblok Quiet-Cloud hung banner-style

These panels provide relief for every person and canine in the kennels. The dogs are calm and no longer stressed out. This improvement also helps the staff focus more and eases their stress as well. It is hugely appreciated and we are very thankful for this upgrade to our kennels,

Brett Simon

President of K9s For Warriors.