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Land Rover Restoration

Restoration of Iconic LandRover

The iconic Landrover Defender is becoming an increasingly sought after vehicle, particularly early and ex-military models, however restoration specialist Stewart ‘Twiggy’ Roberts says many owners are simply finding the ride too noisy. He turned to Acoustiblok for help with a particular project involving a privately-owned former military police vehicle.

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Ducks & Drakes

Quietening the Duck – an unusual marine sound proofing project.

One of our most unusual marine applications must be the sound proofing of an iconic amphibious vehicle the DUKW or ‘duck’, now used by the London Duck Tour company.

The duck, a half boat half truck, was originally deployed by the allies during WWII and played a crucial part in the Normandy beaches landings of D-Day. In latter years the vehicle saw active service military service until 1966 and the Royal Marines used them as training vehicles until 2012.

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Hot Tub Noise

Hot Tub Noise

An installation of a new hot tub results in everyone getting very excited and looking forward to jumping in. That is until the noise from the equipment and occupants can prove to be a real problem. Owners often become  ‘stressed’ at how noisy everything is and have serious thoughts of removing the hot tub totally, so as not to create an issue with neighbours – that is until they discover Acoustiblok.

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Pinewood Shepperton Entrance

Pinewood Shepperton Studios

Film makers need absolute quietness to enable scenes to be cut successfully without outside noise intrusion. However, the very nature of film studio buildings gives rise to sound break out, especially via the massive drop down doors dividing the sets.

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