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K9s for Warriors


A serious noise problem at a kennel housing around 30 rescue and shelter dogs has been quietened by Acoustiblok’s Quiet-Cloud Industrial Sound Absorption panels.

Constant barking by the dogs, destined to become companions to war veterans affected by Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury, can typically reach an incredible 115 decibels.

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Multiplaza Generator Room - Acoustiblok Installation

Power Plant Room

Inside a highly problematic industrial area such as a power generation plant,  acoustic levels can not only make an uncomfortable working environment but more critically pose a serious health hazard to all personnel.

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Quiet Treehouse Royal Botanic Gardens Kew
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Quiet Mark’s ‘Quiet Treehouse Donated To Kew Gardens

As reported by Paul Williams – The Chiswick Herald – 10/07/17.

On Sunday July 9th Quiet Mark celebrated its Fifth Anniversary with an exclusive open-air woodland screening of the feature-film In Pursuit of Silence at Kew Gardens.

Quiet Mark, the international approval award programme associated with the Noise Abatement Society charitable foundation, has donated its iconic ‘Quiet Treehouse’ to the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

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Land Rover Restoration

Restoration of Iconic LandRover

The iconic Landrover Defender is becoming an increasingly sought after vehicle, particularly early and ex-military models, however restoration specialist Stewart ‘Twiggy’ Roberts says many owners are simply finding the ride too noisy. He turned to Acoustiblok for help with a particular project involving a privately-owned former military police vehicle.

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