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Acoustiblok UK offer a wide range of products for a variety of sectors and applications, please choose a product below for more information.

Acoustiblok 3mm Isolation Membrane

Acoustiblok® 3mm

A superior soundproofing material for residential, commercial and industrial settings.

Acoustiblok 6mm Isolation Membrane

Acoustiblok® 6mm

A high performance noise barrier treatment ideal for floor to ceiling sound transmission.

Thermablok Aerogel Thermal Insulation

Thermablok® Aerogel

Energy saving aerogel high performance thermal insulation material which combats thermal bridging and heat loss.

All Weather Sound Panels

All Weather Sound Panels

A robust outdoor noise barrier to absorb and block noise. Ideal for industrial acoustic enclosures.



A simple and economical outdoor noise reduction barrier originally developed for off shore oil rig noise
isolation. Ideal for reducing traffic noise in residential settings or a robust perimeter fence for industrial noise.



A range of superior products to support the successful installation of our acoustic and thermal insulation materials.

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