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Acoustiblok® AcoustiGrip Tape

A high performance acrylic formulated for acid resistance and adhesion to polyolefin’s. Adhesive exhibits high initial tack and ultimate adhesion.

Acoustiblok® Acoustical Sound Sealant

Acoustiblok Acoustical Sound Sealant is an effective one–part non-flammable latex based product formulated to reduce sound transmission in all types of wall partition systems.

By design Acoustiblok Acoustical Sound Sealant creates and maintains Sound Transmission Class (STC) in applications where it is required, yet remains permanently flexible.

Acoustiblok® AcoustiMat Contract Acoustic Underlay

AcoustiMat is a durable underlay used together with Acoustiblok Insulation Membranes to deaden impact and airborne sound. This underlay is available in varying thicknesses and offers a thin levelling layer to all floor types as well as increasing the thermal conversion characteristics of Acoustiblok Acoustic Insulation Membranes.

Acoustiblok® QuietFibre Cavity Insulation

QuietFibre® is a non-fibreglass, hydrophobic and highly absorptive material engineered specifically for maximum absorbency and is used extensively in the industrial and commercial fields. QuietFibre® is now being successfully introduced into non industrial environments where reverberant sound and increased resonance is a problem.


AcoustiCradle are made from 100% recycled rubber crumb materials and offer a cost-effective acoustic flooring solution by de-coupling the floating floor from the structural floor layup in way of towers, into which a suspended timber batten system is installed reducing direct linkage.

Acoustiputty Acoustical Pads

Acoustiputty Acoustical Pads Single component, moldable, fire-rated, acoustic pads.Acoustiputty Acoustical Pads Intumescent and acoustic sealant to form an insulating barrier that prevents the spread of flames, smoke, and toxic gases through openings.
Acoustiputty Acoustical Pads systems are rated for up to 2 hours in accordance with ASTM E-814 (UL 1479) and ULC/CAN4-S115-M Test Standards.

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