RV Discovery

RV Discovery Marine Installation

Sound levels on board RV Discovery multi purpose research vessel were so excessively high when underway, not only for crew but critically for the  operatives carrying out surveying sweeps with highly delicate equipment, that its owners and operators contacted Acoustiblok UK.

The company’s acousticians carried out extensive on board acoustic surveys, which found the majority source ignition was understandably to be the engines. However, they were creating such structure-borne vibration that it was leading to a natural excitation of the vessel’s substrate/structure and a regeneration of energy and noise.

As a result a mitigation strategy to reduce the levels, which were found to be in breach of MCA Codes of Practice, was formulated by Acoustiblok UK to create acceptable levels for crews at work and at rest.

To achieve the required reduction in sound levels, an acoustic treatment was installed to the engine room, power plant, stern gears and hydraulics, as well as to accommodation berths and importantly to the sensitive surveying area where quieter ambient levels were essential.

RV Discovery

RV Discovery

This was an amazing turnaround that ensured this versatile vessel was allowed to remain in operation within code and H&S levels being observed, and a much happier client”

G Thomas – Emu Limited.