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Acoustiblok Commercial Sector Applications

A dramatic reduction in sound transmission through office walls, ceilings and floors, can be given with Acoustiblok 3mm. The material creates a unique linear attenuation when applied to gypsum assemblies, providing enhanced noise isolation at frequency ranges that gypsum alone cannot provide. Even as much as four layers of gypsum applied to a similar wall assembly cannot combat certain frequency ranges.

Commercial SectorAcoustiblok 3mm also changes the internal damping of a wall by not only adding essential mass, but also enhancing the flexibility and stiffness, so that the natural resonance of the structure is greatly improved.

In short the use of Acoustiblok 3mm can expedite construction schedules by allowing gypsum wall assemblies to replace concrete interior partition walls . These walls can be framed out in a third of the time compared to a concrete and plaster construction – and weigh 200% less per square meter in overall weight than concrete block and plaster. Most of these wall assemblies can yield high levels of transmission loss in the audible range.

A high lease retention is the life blood of a commercially successful office development, and noise control plays an important part in retaining tenants.

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