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Acoustiblok Marine Sector Applications

Ships, yachts, and boats need incredible horsepower, which require large engines producing an immense amount of energy and noise!

The majority of these vessels have inboard engine compartments which also act as resonant cavities, forcing a lot of the noise from the engine directly into connecting areas of the ship. This noise must stop as close to the source as possible.


Marine SectorAcoustiblok has many advantages for this application. First of all, it is extremely flexible to manoeuvre and manipulate into tight spots. Secondly, it has great mass and internal damping to convert the acoustical energy into frictional energy, dissipating the sound into its own mass (STC 26) and conversely reducing the amount of sound transmission to the other areas of the ship. Last but definitely not least, Acoustiblok is water, mould and mildew proof. This gives a sustainable solution that will not breakdown or lose effectiveness in a harsh environment as the open sea.

Similarly, cabins in the front of a ship can be enhanced for sound isolation enabling undisturbed sleep for both passengers and, importantly from a safety point of view, the crew. Acoustiblok can easily be applied on all the interior partition walls and due to its 3mm thickness, this application requires no change in the design of the ship. Other areas that can also be treated are the common recreation and dining areas.

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