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AcoustiFence External Perimeter Barrier

AcoustiFence Acoustic Membrane is an economical way to increase straight line attenuation and reduce outdoor noise.

Key Facts:

    Thickness: 3mm (0.3cm)
    Weight: 4.88kg per square metre (psm).
    Roll Sizes: 16.73m² rolls.
    Roll Length – 9.14 metres (30′).
    Roll Width – 1.82 metres (6').
    Roll Diameter – 300mm.
    Acoustic Performance: Sound Reduction Index (SRI) rating of 26dBA – six decibels more effective than lead at the same thickness.

Uses: Easily attached onto most standard substrates such as post and rail, chainlink and herras fencing.

AcoustiFence® was originally developed by Acoustiblok for offshore oil rig noise isolation but has proven successful in many demanding applications. ‘World Fence News’ defines AcoustiFence as a ‘new defence against outdoor noise pollution”

The material in AcoustiFence is a variation to the Acoustiblok 3mm Sound Insulation Membrane however it has been developed to be a durable external acoustic screen solution where a straight line attenuation barrier is required.

The material is easily hung with minimum labour and effort, via grommets onto the top of an existing fencing substrate or support post. Multiple sections can be overlapped to reach the desired overall height.

Unlike standard rigid barriers, open fencing systems or shrubs, AcoustiFence does extremely well in not only blocking sound, but unlike solid materials, reduces sound reflecting from it preventing increased reverberation time, vibration and distortion.

Consider your noise source as a light bulb in a totally black night. The AcoustiFence will block direct light (the majority) from reaching you but any surrounding structures or foliage will provide urban resonance and reflection and in doing so reduce the angles of incidence to the receiving point.