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Acoustiblok UK offer a wide range of products for a variety of sectors and applications, please choose a sector below for more information.


Acoustiblok’s 3mm material provides an excellent sound proofing solution for quieter offices and ensures meeting room privacy. A high lease retention is essential for commercial success and noise control plays an important part in keeping tenants.

An ideal sound proofing solution for hotel guest rooms, meeting rooms or function suites, Acoustiblok dramatically reduces sound transmission through hotel walls, floors and ceilings within either new build or retrospective projects.


Our range of acoustic enclosures, absorptive barriers and modular panels, control noise transmission near and around industrial facilities, including plant and generators, as part of a site’s health and safety regulation requirements.


Architects and custom installers specify Acoustiblok 3mm with confidence for superior decoupling and sound isolation solutions when sound proofing top end home cinemas.


Acoustics for schools and universities is recognised as an important factor in classroom planning. Excellent sound transmission reduction through classroom walls, floors and ceilings can be achieved with Acoustiblok 3mm, which can also be used for the fabrication of acoustical doors and within HVAC duct work.


In a quest for a quieter, peaceful environment, our range of acoustic barriers and acoustic modular panels provide an excellent solution to combat road and railway noise.

Ideal for isolating engine rooms and compartments as well as passenger cabins on board yachts, ships and boats, Acoustiblok provides a flexible sound proofing solution for the marine industry.


Our heavy duty acoustic sound barriers and panels are used to combat noisy work environments within off shore oil rigs. In addition Acoustiblok combined with thermal material Thermablok, provides a highly effective pipe wrap solution for noisy high pressure gas lines.


Our unique products are suitable for almost any sector and application. Contact us to find out more!

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