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Acoustiblok Industrial Sector Applications

The need for controlling noise transmission near and around industrial facilities is ever growing and crucial for the safety of employees and responsible management of sites.

An injury could result if workers misinterpret a directive or are unsure of directions because they cannot hear clearly enough.


Industrial SectorAnother issue is productivity. It is medically proven that the human body is adversely affected by long durations of extreme sound pressure or noise. Human nervous systems cannot handle the stress caused by constant noise – fatigue sets in and mistakes are made or simply a workforce not reaching its full potential is the likely result. Similarly, in residential areas, noise from a facility 24 hours a day can illicit complaints to local authorities.

Acoustiblok 3mm is a key component in All Weather Sound Panels. These patented panels are an innovation in absorptive barrier technology. They can provide a permanent or temporary solution for noise reduction in virtually any environment. It is believed that these panels are the only 61mm thick panels that can yield an STC 29, an NRC 1.00 and have been hurricane rated at over 434 kmph . On average this panel has been field tested to reduce more than 15dba on most applications. Panels come in standard sizes or can be custom made on request.

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