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Acoustiblok Home Cinema Sector Applications

A home cinema is a major investment yet worth having as it provides family and friends with incredible entertainment in the comfort of your own home. However, a factor which can be overlooked is the location of a cinema room and the fact that the action and volume on your screen can result in sound pouring out from the cinema and into other parts of the house such as childrenʼs bedrooms.

Home CinemaFor decades Acoustiblok 3mm has provided a superior sound reduction system in thousands of home cinemas in both the US and here in the UK.

The material gives a superior decoupling and isolation solution to allow full enjoyment of powerful top end systems. When Acoustiblok 3mm is used within a wall assembly it creates a linear transmission (without dramatic peaks and troughs) – a result that cannot be matched by using multiple layers of gypsum or hybrid gypsum designs encompassing adhesives.

Architects and custom installers have specified Acoustiblok 3mm with confidence knowing our technicians can work alongside to provide a home cinema silencing system which works.

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