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Acoustiblok Education Sector Applications

Acoustics for schools and universities is a big sector of interest which has led to new building codes and classroom designs in recognition of this potential problem.

Extensive studies show that students can (and do) receive better grades when the learning environment has been acoustically treated, promoting a stress free and focused learning environment.

Education SectorAbsorbing reflections in a learning environment raises the level of intelligibility of the instructor and helps students focus on ideas being conveyed. This means their auditory system is not trying to process, filter and block out irrelevant sounds and noises, allowing the brain to focus all its processing power on the subject matter.

Acoustiblok 3mm is the solution for dramatically reducing sound transmissions through school walls, ceilings and floors. The unique linear attenuation that is created when Acoustiblok is added to plaster board assemblies, provides enhanced noise isolation at frequency ranges that plasterboard alone cannot achieve. Certain frequency ranges are still evident with as many as four layers of plasterboard.

Acoustiblok changes the internal damping of the wall not only adding essential mass but also enhances the flexibility and stiffness, changing the natural resonance of the structure. This is why a wall with Acoustiblok has a more linear (without dramatic dips and peaks) transmission loss than that of multiple layers of plasterboard or hybrid plasterboard designs encompassing adhesives and other variations.

Acoustiblok can also be used in the fabrication of acoustical doors and HVAC duct work. Windows will have to be engineered, project specific, and supplied by a specialist manufacturer. When these areas of the classroom are given the proper attention, the result will be “quiet classrooms” conducive for learning!

Acoustiblok Architectural panels can be utilised within a classroom to contour the tonality and control the reflection build up that so easily occurs in these fairly “live” environments. This will aid in increasing the NIC & NC of the classroom. These panels are available in many different colours and washable surfaces for ease of maintaining.

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