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Off Shore Oil Rigs

Acoustiblok Off Shore Oil Rig Applications

Off shore oil rigs provide a harsh environment; the work is hard using heavy machines, combustible gases, poisonous gases, open walkways, 15-30 metres above the oceanʼs surface, and some of the loudest noises imaginable reaching 105-135 dBA.


The gas burn-off nozzles are a noise that never goes away (24 hrs a day 7 days a week), so acoustical barriers (all weather sound panels) are used to reduce this overwhelming and constant noise level. These noises are particularly intense in the frequency ranges (800 Hz-6.3 kHz) which seem even louder to the human ear than they actually are.

The solution for a noisy high pressure gas line which feeds the burn-off nozzles is Thermablok, a unique insulation material which is used in conjunction with Acoustiblok.

Together they act as a pipe wrap and can be layered until the level of attenuation is reached to meet the criteria for the surrounding work area. Our pipe wraps have made reductions of more than 28dba with just a layer of each material combined. Wraps will react differently based on the frequencies being emitted by different scenarios.

An acoustical measurement of the noise spectra should always be performed by an acoustician or qualified acoustical consultant to achieve the highest level of results.

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