AcoustiFence Airport Installation

AcoustiFence Airport Perimeter Barrier

A large section of San Bernardino Airport International Airport in California, has been treated with Acoustiblok’s unique fencing barrier Acoustifence.

Acoustifence was commissioned by GQ Aviation Engineering, which disassembles aircraft for parts and components, and needed a solution to reduce overall noise levels created by their operation.

A double chain linked fence system for a large section of the airport perimeter was recommended by Acoustiblok. Acoustifence was installed after the first fence was erected; the outdoor noise barrier material was then swiftly and easily fitted with grommets and stainless steel ties. Once in place the second fence was put in position resulting in an acoustically treated fence which not only provides extra security with a robust construction, but also a barrier to easily withstand high winds and keep out blowing sand, dirt and dust.

AcoustiFence Airport Installation

AcoustiFence Airport Installation

Acoustifence is extremely strong and is engineered to withstand harsh outdoor environment such as airports, highways, high speed rail, construction sites, off-shore oil rigs, residential homes and also plant and machinery noise. The system has proven performance and is easily suspended from a chain link fence eliminating the need for expensive permitting or structural requirements. Any height can be obtained by simply overlapping sections of the fence which is available in black and green.

“The fence was easy to install and my Acoustiblok consultant was knowledgeable and helpful. The client was very happy and we highly recommend Acoustifence for outdoor noise and will be installing more at San Bernardino Airport for the second phase of the

Luis Vasquez, project manager, Crown Fence, installers