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Case Studies

Kings Road Refurbishment
Case Studies, Residential

Fabricari Ltd – London Residency Hard Floor Sound Isolation Solution

Acoustiblok’s sound isolation materials enabled a number of differing hard floor finishes, including marble and stone, to be installed in a high end London penthouse. Hard flooring can present noise problems in multi-occupancy dwellings unless high performance sound isolation materials, such as Acoustiblok’s 3mm and 6mm sound insulation membrane are used to reduce impact noise transmission through floors and ceilings.

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Ducks & Drakes
Case Studies, Marine, Transport

Quietening the Duck – an unusual marine sound proofing project.

One of our most unusual marine applications must be the sound proofing of an iconic amphibious vehicle the DUKW or ‘duck’, now used by the London Duck Tour company.

The duck, a half boat half truck, was originally deployed by the allies during WWII and played a crucial part in the Normandy beaches landings of D-Day. In latter years the vehicle saw active service military service until 1966 and the Royal Marines used them as training vehicles until 2012.

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