Paint Hall Film Studios Acoustiblok Installation

Sound Proofing Paint Hall Film Studio Building

With only weeks to spare, producers at Belfast’s Paint Hall Studios needed a fast and very effective sound proofing solution to quieten film sets in time for its biggest-ever production.

Producers of ‘Your Highness,’ a joint venture between Universal Pictures and Northern Ireland Screen starring Natalie Portman, needed to stop noise from a nearby construction site, main road traffic and overhead aircraft from pouring through the studio’s 75ft (23 metre) high doors.

Following a site visit, Acoustiblok’s acousticians compiled a comprehensive report and recommended the vast doors were lined with Acoustiblok1660 3mm and gasketed with Thermablok, an aerogel based acoustic and thermal wall isolation system.

Paint Hall Film Studios Acoustiblok Installation

Paint Hall Film Studios Acoustiblok Installation

The noise reduction system satisfied highly sensitive microphones which detect the minutest background noise. The studios, formerly used as a maritime paint hall and renowned for its part in building the Titanic, is now set to attract even more big budget films.

Similarly, Leavesden Studios in Hertfordshire, have called in Acoustiblok on a number of occasions when they have needed solutions to attenuate sound on a particular sets during the making of box office hits such as Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

“Acoustiblok UK responded to our tight deadlines and their sound isolation membranes worked exceptionally well, especially on such a large scale as this.”

“The acoustical treatment has also effectively increased the potential of The Paint Hall for attracting future big budget films.”

Brian Martin, Muldiss Darton Productions.